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Persuasive Essay Topics

For those UK students who are gifted in the ‘art of persuasion’ writing a persuasive essay should come easy, but for those students who find it a challenge it will be crucial to your essay that you fully understand what writing this type of essay entails. Persuasive essays use reasoning, logic, deductions, and argumentative skills to convince your reader of something, persuade them to see your side of an argument on a particular topic or call them to action. Unfortunately this isn’t always an easy task to accomplish, but by utlizing your powers of persuasion in a reasonable and convincing manner backed up by supporting evidence it can be done.

As with writing any UK essay paper planning will be essential before you begin the writing process. Whether or not you have an idea of what you want to write about you will need to research your topic thoroughly before you begin to write. Writing about a topic that interests you or you are passionate about is always a good choice because it will be easier to persuade your reader to see your point of view. Being knowledgeable about the topic you are writing about is critical to the success of your because it validates the purpose why you chose to write about a particular subject. It will be also be important for you to remember while writing that nothing can persuade a reader more than credible facts, statistics and data that supports your reasoning and personal belief. The structure of your essay will be equally important as your writing – the content of your essay should always be presented in a clear, organized and, concise manner. If you follow the guidelines in writing a persuasive essay you’ll be amazed at just how easy it is to accomplish a successful and effective essay that will enable you to obtain your goal of persuading your audience along with earning you high praise.

The following are examples of Persuasive essay topics:

  1. Students should have less homework
  2. Our society is too dependent on technology
  3. Helmets should be mandatory for riding a motorcycle
  4. Should student be allowed cell phones in elementary school?
  5. Academic expectations should be more lenient for athletes
  6. Public transportation should be free
  7. Auto-makers should be required to manufacture and sell affordable electric cars
  8. Every one living in the United States should learn to speak English
  9. SAT’s and ACT’s should be eliminated
  10. Fees should be imposed upon people who do not recycle
  11. Playing a violent video game can cause behavior problems in children
  12. Do religious beliefs cause wars?
  13. Should teenage girls be allowed to get birth control in schools?
  14. Pregnant couples should receive mandatory parenting classes
  15. Yearly driving tests should be mandatory starting at the age of 65
  16. Every school should operate on a year round calendar
  17. Are schools accountable for their test scores?
  18. How are field trips educational?
  19. Celebrities should have more rights to privacy
  20. Grades should either be pass or fail
  21. Does the media cause violence?
  22. Are cell phones dangerous to use?
  23. Do school dress codes affect learning?
  24. Should young children be allowed to use the internet?
  25. Texting should never be allowed by a driver or passenger in a car.
  26. Kids should get paid for good grades
  27. Health care should be free
  28. Kids who participate in high school sports are less likely to use drugs
  29. Holiday parties in schools
  30. Should athletes earn more than teachers?
  31. Unwed fathers should take responsibility for their children
  32. Prayer should be allowed in schools
  33. Better sex education programs are needed in schools
  34. Armed guards should be posted outside every school
  35. Stricter gun control laws will reduce crime
  36. Celebrities are not good role models
  37. Should fast food have higher taxes?
  38. Renewable energy is not economically viable
  39. A universal language should be created for the world to share
  40. Social media sites should be blocked during school hours
  41. Foreign languages should be taught in all primary schools
  42. School uniforms devalues individuality
  43. Anorexia is a cause of weight loss
  44. Is it important to own a pet?
  45. Should animals be feed growth hormones for the purpose of mass production?
  46. Should vocational training be mandatory in high schools?
  47. Should juveniles be tried as adults?
  48. The institution of marriage is overrated
  49. Colleges do not prepare students for the workplace
  50. Local businesses can’t survive outsourcing