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How to write a personal statement
Also known as application essay or statement of purpose, a personal statement is a good way for you to introduce yourself to a university or college. It is the only part of the application that you get the opportunity to sell yourself to the board by mentioning your skills, personality, qualities and intellectual capability. It is therefore important for the student to carefully read and understand the questions asked and honestly respond to them through writing.
copyright basics
Most students tend to neglect the importance of citing sources. As students rush finishing their assignments, the last thing that you have in mind is how you can submit your work and not the copyright law. Students are tempted to just get any source or material for their assignment or written work without being totally aware of the fact that there are rules and regulations that protect works done by artists and authors. As a student, you have to be responsible enough to know the copyright rules. These are the copyright basics that every student should know.
Literature Review for a Research Paper
A research paper is different from essays and other types of written assignments that you submit in the sense that you need to have basis and foundation for your arguments and insights.