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Narrative Essay Topics

Writing a narrative essay is like telling a really good story and it is typically based on the writer's own experiences. It will need to include all the essential elements involved in the art of storytelling from a first person's perspective. When a UK student chooses their topic for narrative essay writing it typically will be centered around an experience, an event in your life, or perhaps an event that occurred in someone else's life-which will be your narrative essay's main point. Your body will basically tell a story complete with a plot, characters, setting, climax, and a conclusion which will all be described with vivid and compelling details. The most successful and effective narrative essays will always have a conclusion which conveys a lesson that was learned or an outcome that your reader can relate to.

The structure of creating a narrative essay is much like that of any other type of essay-it should have a purpose which is clearly defined and is explained by clear concise language that is artfully chosen. Writing a narrative essay is similar to writing one that is descriptive as it allows to you write about what you, as the writer, has experience in a sometimes very personal way. In having this ‘creative freedom' the writer can involve the reader and invoke some kind of emotion from them. When you can draw the reader in and let them see and feel your experience through your eyes you have accomplished writing a successful narrative essay that is a story worth telling and one that will earn you high marks.

The following are examples of Narrative essay topics:

  1. Your first day at a new job
  2. An embarrassing situation
  3. A frightening experience
  4. The death of a friend
  5. An exciting adventure
  6. An unusual job interview
  7. Something you'd like to invent
  8. A secret place of yours
  9. Your most memorable trip
  10. Losing your best friend
  11. Your first day at college
  12. The hardest thing you have ever done
  13. Your great accomplishment
  14. A hard lesson learned
  15. An unexpected meeting
  16. The death of a favorite pet
  17. An important discovery you made
  18. Witnessing a car accident
  19. Your first plane ride
  20. A turning point in your life
  21. The death of a parent
  22. Being expelled from school
  23. A situation where you failed at something
  24. An experience that gave you renewed faith
  25. Your first visit to a foreign country
  26. A dangerous situation
  27. Something you were afraid to try
  28. An act of heroism you witnessed
  29. A childhood memory
  30. A time that you voiced a strong opinion
  31. An experience that changed your view of someone
  32. A near death experience
  33. Surviving a natural disaster
  34. Voting for the first time
  35. A horrible first date
  36. The best day of your life
  37. A situation where you had to make a difficult decision
  38. A time you got lost
  39. The worst day of your life
  40. Witnessing the birth of a baby
  41. A memorable holiday
  42. A hospital stay
  43. The best news you ever received
  44. Something you wished you hadn't done
  45. Something you learned to like
  46. When you learned you were adopted
  47. At day you spent with a friend
  48. Someone in your life who made an impression
  49. The best concert you ever attended
  50. Meeting a famous person