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How to Choose Your Essay Topic

Every UK student at one time or another will be required to write an essay paper, usually more than one throughout their academic career. So you should realize that one the most important aspects to writing a successful essay will be the topic you chose to write about. But how will you know what is the 'right' or best topic to write about? Understandably you will want it to be a great one so that your essay is effective in getting you the grade you want, but there are many factors you should consider before you select one to write about.

On occasion you might not even have to worry about which topic you should chose because the decision will already be made for you by your UK professor or instructor. Other times your instructor will give you the freedom to choose whatever topic you may like, mainly because it gives them an insight into your research and writing skills and encourages students to engage in critical thinking, as well as work independently outside of the classroom.

Quite often the topic you choose will need to be related to the type of essay you are assigned to write, such as an argumentative, narrative, persuasive, compare and contrast essay-just to name a few. In this case you will have to make certain you chose an essay that fits the method or style of writing required by a specific essay.

Whatever the case may be, planning for your essay will be imperative. When you are giving thought to the topic you would like to write about it will be beneficial to any student to first do a bit of research prior to choosing your topic. When you begin to research, think about what interests you, what you are passionate about because those topics are the ones that will no only be easy for you to write about but they will also invoke the interest of your reader. If the topic you are writing about is well thought out and interesting enough to engage your reader from the beginning of your essay to the end you will have created a successful essay. Whether you are arguing a point, convincing the reader of something, calling them to action, or just describing something or someone in vivid detail and have articulated your finding and thoughts well you will have chosen the perfect topic for your essay that not only will get you the grade you have worked hard for, but leave a lasting impression on your audience.