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Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive essays are often considered one of 'easier' essays for UK students to write. Primarily because almost everyone possesses the skill to describe an object, place, person, experience, emotion, or event in vivid detail. It is one essay which allows the writer complete 'creative freedom' with the goal of having your reader become totally immersed in what you are describing.

Even if you are a UK student who feels up to the task of writing a brilliant descriptive essay there are a few guidelines every student should consider after they have chosen their topic to write about.

*Begin 'brainstorming' - make a list of all the words that describe your topic in detail.

*Invoke your senses and the senses of your reader, explain how your topic smells, sounds, tastes, looks, and feels or felt like. Enhance your writing by the use of your senses.

*Use vivid colorful language when possible and elaborate! - Why use the word cat when you can use feline? Why use the word sad when you can use the word morose? Why use beautiful when magnificent is much more vivid- you get the idea.

*Tap into your emotions, as well as the emotions of your reader by describing exactly how you feel or felt- allowing them to feel 'it' too.

Painting a mental picture that affects your reader will be the goal of writing your descriptive essay but don't forget to present your topic in a clearly organized and concise manner that follows the structure of successful essay writing-introduction, body, and conclusion. An effective descriptive essay will always engage your reader while slowly and intently drawing them into the content of your essay while encouraging them to read on until the end. If you make your writing more personal in your descriptive essay you can involve your reader in a way that makes your topic just as important to them, as it is to you!

The following are examples of Descriptive essay topics:

  1. An accident scene
  2. A childhood memory
  3. Your first day at college
  4. Your favorite food
  5. A funeral you attended
  6. A car, bus, or train ride
  7. Your dream vacation
  8. A place you feel safe
  9. A play you have seen
  10. Your favorite music
  11. A work of art
  12. A book you have read
  13. A wedding
  14. A memorable birthday
  15. Your first success
  16. A rest room at a highway truck stop
  17. A pet
  18. The neighborhood where you grew up
  19. Your first love
  20. An inspiring view
  21. Camping
  22. Your perfect day
  23. A disease
  24. A frightening event
  25. A life altering experience
  26. Your first job interview
  27. The perfect job
  28. Life in a big city
  29. The ER room of a hospital
  30. A sporting event
  31. A concert you attended
  32. Your first kiss
  33. A science discovery
  34. An injustice
  35. Your favorite season
  36. A person you admire
  37. Your favorite restaurant
  38. A visit to the dentist
  39. A Halloween costume you wore
  40. A doctor's office waiting room