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Controversial Essay Topics

If you are a UK student and have a controversial essay to write you will undoubtedly be able to choose from a wide variety of topics to write about. Controversy seems to be everywhere because people in general can be extremely opinionated and have no problem communicating those feeling whether they have merit or not. Many times a student will find topics to write about because of an awareness that needs to be raised on a particular issue, other times it is to discuss some type of injustice, or point out a misconception. Typically these topics include emotionally charged issues such as abortion, racism, religion, politics, gay marriages, discrimination, freedom of speech-just to name a few. However you personally feel about the topic you are writing your controversial essay on it will benefit you to write in a manner that is not only professional and tactful but will be supported by sound reasoning and facts.

The goal in writing a controversial essay will always be to affect your audience while you encourage them to seriously consider your topic and possibly change their opinion. If you can accomplish this task you will not only have created an interesting and thought provoking essay, but an effective one as well.

As with writing any type of essay paper you will want to do extensive research on your topic prior to the writing process. The success of your controversial essay will depend heavily on your ability to balance your own option with logic, reasoning, and the extensive research you have gathered to support your argument. Knowing the facts which back up your claim or point of view will go a long way in validating why you are addressing the particular topic you have chosen and you will be able to successfully refute any counter arguments as well. If you write your controversial essay with a powerful conviction based in fact and invoked a lively debate following your presentation you have accomplished the purpose of writing a well thought out, organized, and professional controversial essay.

The following are examples of Controversial essay topics:

  1. Do curfews prevent teens from getting in trouble?
  2. Is our taxation system fair?
  3. Should sex education be taught in schools?
  4. Should gay couples be allowed to marry?
  5. Is the cost of college tuition too high?
  6. Should parents be allowed to grade their child's teachers?
  7. Does religion belong in schools?
  8. Should random drug testing at a person's place of employment be legal?
  9. Should terminally ill patients have the right to take their own lives?
  10. Should doctors who participate in a terminally ill patient's mercy killing be prosecuted?
  11. Does the internet make our world a better place to live?
  12. Do we live in a disposable society?
  13. Should people with HIV have the choice whether or not to divulge their illness?
  14. Children under 16 should not be able to work
  15. Does age matter in a relationship?
  16. Should a government be able to enforce mandatory health care?
  17. Violent video games should be banned
  18. Same sex couples should be allowed to adopt
  19. Men should have the right to prevent the abortion of their child
  20. Is reality TV truly ‘real'?
  21. Animal rights and experimentation
  22. Is the death penalty effective?
  23. Do sex education classes encourage safe sex?
  24. Living in the country is better than in the city
  25. Are beauty pageants exploitative?
  26. Every school should have a dress code
  27. Are colleges preparing students for the workforce?
  28. Should breast feeding be allowed in all public places?
  29. Is using a cell phone dangerous?
  30. Should gun laws be abolished?
  31. Should smoking be banned permanently?
  32. Are there really UFO's?
  33. Does the media mislead people?
  34. Are we winning the war on terrorism?
  35. Can students and teachers have intimate relationships?
  36. Should human cloning be legalized?
  37. Is the space program really useful?
  38. Copyright infringement on the internet
  39. Is the US government winning the ‘war on drugs'?
  40. Should corporal punishment be allowed in schools?
  41. Should the government legalize gay marriage?
  42. Should religion have an effect on being pro-choice?
  43. Can global warming be stopped?
  44. Are humans solely to blame for global warming?
  45. Is murder justifiable in self-defense?
  46. The pornography industry is responsible for spreading AIDS
  47. Should fathers get paternity leave from their jobs?
  48. Are the Awards ceremonies fixed?
  49. Are the upper class taxed enough?
  50. What age should you tell a child there is no Santa, Tooth fairy, or Easter Bunny?