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Argumentative Essay Topics

If you like to prove a point or like to argue on behalf of something you feel strongly about, you will probably enjoy writing an argumentative essay. This particular type of essay is written with the purpose of explaining a topic that causes a debate or contention about the topic you are writing about. The subject matter of an argumentative essay can be any type of ‘hot’ topic that is controversial usually having to do with moral, social, political, or environmental issues. It involves having the student collect information on the topic, evaluate the evidence, and then establish a position on the topic you are writing about. In addition to articulating your opinion regarding the topic or issue you will need to present both sides of the argument in your text as well as clearly state supporting evidence as to why your argument is the best conclusion.

One of the more favorable aspects to writing UK argumentative essays is the freedom it allows the writer. The style of writing for this type of essay paper has fewer restrictions than others and it enables the student to voice their opinion by using credible research to back up their argument. Certainly there are guidelines to follow as with writing any academic essay but an argumentative essay is a great means by which to make your ‘voice heard’, as well as make a lasting impression on those reading your essay.

The following are examples of Argumentative essay topics:

  1. Religion has no place in educations institutions
  2. Terminally ill patients should be allowed to exercise their ‘right to die’
  3. Our society has become too dependent on technology
  4. Students who are caught cheating on exams should be expelled
  5. Teachers should be held accountable for student’s poor achievement
  6. Censorship is justified in some cases
  7. Does everyone have a ‘right to privacy’?
  8. Is euthanasia inhuman?
  9. Government welfare should be abolished
  10. It should be mandatory for every citizen to vote
  11. The benefits of animal experimentation far outweigh the risks
  12. Teachers should abide by the same dress code as their students
  13. Convicted drunk drivers should permanently have their license revoked.
  14. Is it possible to protect forests?
  15. Sex education reduces teenage pregnancy
  16. Romantic love does exist
  17. Mandatory recycling improves the economy
  18. Trade with other countries is necessary for the global economy
  19. The death penalty should be enacted for every convicted murderer
  20. Physical education should be required at every educational level.
  21. Should prostitution be illegalized?
  22. Should people be able to choose to have health care?
  23. Playing video games makes young children violent
  24. Crime does ‘pay’
  25. Should racial profiling be legal?
  26. Are people from Mediterrean countries healthier because of their diet?
  27. Does racism in the United States still exist?
  28. Do the chemicals in hygiene products cause breast cancer in women?
  29. Should couples be able to adopt children in other countries?
  30. Do the pharmaceutical companies only care about making money?
  31. Is plastic surgery safe?
  32. Should woman have a right to wear animal fur?
  33. Social media is the end of privacy
  34. The internet is filled with most false information
  35. Technology is to blame for obesity
  36. Should the use of a cell phone be banned while driving?
  37. Texting in a car should be illegal
  38. Have phone landlines have become obsolete?
  39. Should society be responsible for teenage mothers and their children?
  40. Drilling should be allowed anywhere to reduce gas prices
  41. The male role has changed drastically in the last 20 years
  42. Does the ‘good old boy’ networks still exist?
  43. Do should systems to enough to prevent bullying?
  44. Should consumer pay a higher tax for unhealthy food/
  45. Are advertisements informing the public or manipulating them?
  46. Should a pro football player earn a higher income than a teacher?
  47. More people should become vegetarians
  48. Should funding in schools be allowed to be cut?
  49. Are beauty pageants a good idea for young girls?
  50. Should you have to pay to listen to your favorite music?